The Sacristy and Vestry

The Sacristy and Vestry The Sacristy. At the North end of the Altar (in ancient times a separate room, called the Sacristy or Chapel of […] Read More

The Iconostasis

The Iconostasis The most prominent feature of an Orthodox church is the Iconostasis, consisting of one or more rows of Icons and broken by a […] Read More

The Clergy

The Clergy In the Orthodox Church there are three Major Orders Bishop, Priest and Deacon and two Minor Orders Subdeacon and Reader. All of these […] Read More

The Church Building

The Church Building External Arrangement. Orthodox churches generally take one of several shapes that have a particular mystical significance. The most common shape is an […] Read More

Candles and Their Symbolism

The Candles and Their Symbolism Lit candles and Icon lamps (lampadas) have a special symbolic meaning in the Christian Church, and no Christian service can […] Read More

The Bells

The Bells A striking component of Orthodox worship is the ringing of bells. Every daily cycle of public divine services starts with the ringing of […] Read More

Holy Unction

Holy Unction This Sacrament is described in Holy Scripture by St. James the Brother of the Lord: Is any among you sick? Let him, call […] Read More

Holy Repentance

Holy Repentance (Penance Confession). The Sacrament of Repentance developed early in the Church’s history in the time of the persecutions of the 3rd and 4th […] Read More

Holy Orders

Holy Orders In the Orthodox Church there are to be found three Major Orders-Bishop. Priest and Deacon and two Minor Orders Subdeacon and Reader (although […] Read More