The Orthodox Cross

The Cross The world of Christian symbols is a hierarchy of signs that have their origin in divine forms of which they are images, according […] Read More

Where to Find Scripture

Where to Find Psalms for Special Needs. The following Psalms are especially appropriate for times of special need: When Afraid: Ps. 27; Ps. 56 When […] Read More

The Old Testament Apocrypha

The Old Testament Apocrypha Greek Additions to the Old Testament (Apocrypha). The Orthodox Bible contains certain other Scriptures besides that normally found in the Hebrew […] Read More

The Old Testament

The Old Testament Genesis. Genesis, meaning beginning, covers the time from the Creation (i.e., the beginning of history) to the Israelite sojourn in Egypt, the […] Read More

The New Testament

The New Testament Matthew. This Gospel presents Christ as the Fulfiller and Fulfillment of God’s will disclosed in the Old Testament. Jesus is set forth […] Read More

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible The Old Testament. The Bible is customarily divided into two books: The Old Testament and the New Testament. We should note, however, […] Read More

The Monastic Tonsure

The Monastic Tonsure It is generally accepted that monasticism began in Egypt towards the end of the Third Century, though its origins may have been […] Read More

The Monastic Grades

The Monastic Grades When one desiring the monastic life enters a monastery, he normally passes through three steps or stages: 1) Probationer (Novice including Riasaphor), […] Read More